Care Instructions

We have lovingly created for you a stylish corsage for your special night. We use only the freshest flowers and highest quality products and beads, and always apply special conditioning treatment and refrigeration to the flowers before they adorn your wrist.

Please read how to better handle your creation…


Please store me in the vegetable crisper of the fridge to keep me cool. Always keep the lid of the box on too, it helps keep all the moisture in and keep me fresh! When travelling, keep me cool in an esky or cooler bag.


I have been constructed meticulously with lots of fine wires and tape. This is what we call “The Mechanics”. So please try to make sure these mechanics are turned this in towards you, and not facing out to the crowd! I do have a good side you know. FYI, traditionally buttonholes are worn on the left side of the body, close to the heart, naaaawww … and Corsages are worn on the right -the opposite side to your partner ( but really, you wear me how you want to!)


Please be gentle with me! It is not recommended to wear me while crumping, crowd surfing, while performing high energy fist pumps! If there is a chance of the previous mentioned, consider removing me while you bust a move…


Well, I think we look fabulous together! I think if you love me, please Share a photo of us on the
Brisbane Formal Flowers Facebook page so we can show them all who was the fairest at the ball 😉

Caring for your Corsage: Bracelets, beads and charms used are quite strong, but like most fashion jewellery, may be damaged easily. It is not recommended to wear your wrist corsage while crowd surfing, or in a mosh pit, or while performing high energy fist pumps! If there is a chance of those activities happening, consider removing the corsage and leaving it with your purse or bag. Physical damage can occur to your flowers as they are fresh. Try not to expose your bracelet and flowers to perfumes or other lotions.

Storing your Flower product: The vegetable crisper in the fridge is ideal. Your corsage will be given to you in a special box with tissue paper to keep it protected, and a lid to secure and lock in the moisture. It is important the box stays sealed during storage, so to reduce the drying process. If you happen to need to open the box before the event, make sure to re-seal it before putting it back in the fridge. Beware of cold spots inside your fridge that can freeze the flowers. Just like a lettuce put too close to the back of the fridge can freeze, so can your corsage or buttonhole!

Wearing your Flower product: Traditionally buttonholes are worn on the left side of the body (close to the heart) and corsages are worn on the opposite side to their date (right)

Who’s the fairest of them all? If you loved your corsage , please share the LOVE and upload a photo to our Facebook page … or spread the word on Instagram or recommend a friend! We LOVE feedback too, so if had any reason to not love your corsage, please contact us and tell us what happened.

So your flowers have turned back into a pumpkin, what next?
Your flowers were secured to the bracelet using ‘Snake’ mouth clasps which are at either end of your snake chain. Using needle nose pliers, you can carefully open the ‘Snake Mouth’ and loosen the flowers from the bracelet. On the opposite end to the ‘Snake’ clasp, you can unscrew the chain to release your beads. Now you can use the Beads or Charms on any existing Pandora or European style charm bracelet you might have. Or keep your bracelet as a keepsake from your special night! We have supplied you with a Pink Organza bag for safe keeping.