Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Here are some answers. If you cannot find the answer you need, please contact us.

**Please note: We always endevour to make the corsage exactly as pictured, but to keep costs low, we sometimes need to substitute existing pictured charms with new ones. Our supplier is overseas and constantly updates their products. Colours will remain the same **

Help! I need my order by tomorrow? Normally we require at least 4 days notice before a formal. In some cases we may have flowers in stock and be able to take your order. You may submit a late order but if we cannot help you we will refund your order in full.

Am I too late? When ordering you will be asked to provide a delivery date. If your date is not available in the list then we cannot take any more orders for that date. Normally we require at least 4 business days notice before a formal.

Do you use real flowers? Yes we use real FRESH flowers in our corsages and buttonholes, except where we have stated. Currently the Immortal Buttonhole, Wicked Black Fabric corsage and Little Black Number are the only products listed that use artificial flowers due to the colours involved. You can choose to design your own in Designer Princess and select an artificial rose from the drop down options.

How do I place an order? Choose the item you wish to purchase, choose your desired options from the field provided, then select “Add to Cart”. When you’ve added everything you’d like to order, choose “Checkout” to pay and complete your order.

Can I talk to you on the phone?  We have a pop up Chat box at the bottom of each page where you can send an enquiry. If you are unsure about a particular aspect of your order then please contact us via email or this chat box to ask any question you like.

Can I remove something? Yes you can opt to not have some elements of the designs. Please let us know if you would like a certain part of the corsage changed where the option is not available. Your final cost will be calculated for each product depending on what you keep as part of the design, or add in.

I have a very narrow wrist, can I ask for a smaller size ? Yes you can choose between 2 sizes. Our standard and the most popular is 17cm (with extendable chain up to another 2 cm) . Or petite which is 15cm. I would choose the smaller if you have very small wrists or you are petite.

What happens once I order? You will receive an email order confirmation once your order has been submitted. We will then deliver your order at the agreed time.

Do you have a store front? No, currently we are an online establishment.

Can I ask for a custom made Wrist Corsage? YES!! Choose Designer Princess. Flower colours can be changed on most bracelets and Designer Princess gives you the option to design your own creation.

Can I pay with Cash? Sorry, all orders must be paid via our online ordering system.

How are you different from other retail florists?

Absolutely the only Designer Corsages made on handcrafted European Bracelets with designer interchangeable European Beads – on the market – in Brisbane – in Australia – anywhere for that matter!! You won’t find these pretties anywhere else. Some may claim the European name – but this is 100% my own creation. I am qualified and have over 22 years in the floristry industry. I have also completed jewellery Design. With an easy online ordering system, personal delivery to your door, and the new Designer Princess custom creations, you just won’t find this same experience anywhere else.

What is a European Designer bracelet anyway? In the late 1980’s, European design and this particular sort after style began in Copenhagen, Denmark. A Danish goldsmith and designer Per Enevoldsen and his wife started the trend Pandora, and then in 2000, the Pandora brand evolved and others followed like Carlo Biagi. The European bracelet became a world wide recognised style and is highly sort after today.

Surely I can buy a similar product from another florist?  Nope!!! You actually can’t! This is a personal creation and 100% unique signature style to my business. I realised that I could also inspire every woman to feel creative in her self-expression. There are others around who claim to have ‘European Design’ but these products I created use that true European contemporary jewellery aspect – teamed with the freshest flowers and genuine quality Swarovski crystals- all at affordable prices. You’re welcome 😉

Packaging – Our floral creations have been carefully packaged to avoid and minimise damage in transit. Your corsage is packaged in a box with a lid, and will be transported in our ICE Cooler carrier to ensure freshness and quality every time.

Taking Care of your European Snake Charm Bracelet – All designs are hand crafted on a silver 925 plated bracelet, which of course being a fashion piece, this can tarnish over time. For general care use a silver polishing cloth (to revive your silver) Individual skins can react differently to metals and some who have a highly acidic skin may tarnish silver more quickly than others. Please avoid cleaning products, chlorine, hairspray and perfume as these can damage the beads and charms, especially silver, antique brass, gold plate, mother of pearl, gemstones and pearls.

Do the Flowers Die? The flowers in the corsage will last up to 48hrs, but we highly recommend delivery of your corsage the day of the formal to ensure that it will be in perfect condition all night long. The key is to take care of your corsage during the night, and it will last until the next day. But the bracelet from your corsage can be adjusted after the flowers die to secure into a bracelet, and you can keep this FOREVER!!! 🙂

Can the Bracelet be worn afterwards? Yes, the flowers can be removed and the bracelet can be kept and worn. Directions are provided on how to remove the flowers and join the bracelet together. Or take the beads off, and transfer to a Pandora or similar piece like Chamilia or Biagi.

Another florist across town is charging a lot less, why so expensive? Each item I create is Unique, Handmade, Handcrafted and designed with precision. Some beads sourced have varying gradings and can cost far more than others. The bracelet you receive is also a designer piece, and not like the other “elastic plastic fantastic” ones you may get from another store. Prices have recently gone up for the first time in over 4 years! Included is the price of high quality flowers from local and imported suppliers and wholesalers in Brisbane.

Can I pickup the Order? Not at this stage. Very soon we hope to have an option to collect your creation, stay tuned!! Either Kenmore or Rosalie in Brisbane.

Where do you deliver? We deliver to most Brisbane and Ipswich locations. As far South as South Maclean, as far north as Morayfield, and south to Jimboomba.  Please email us if you are outside of the zone, we may be able to organise a courier service like Sherpa for you. The Corsages and buttonholes are made of fresh produce and are too fragile to ship interstate or any great distance.

How Much does delivery cost? Delivery is $15 for each delivery within a 10km radius of Kenmore 4069. Your delivery charge will be calculated on checkout.

When do you deliver? When you place your order you will be asked to select a window of time of day . We only offer set windows for delivery.

What if I need to change the time? Contact us on the ‘Contact Us’ page to request a change in time or for a quote for delivery charge for bulk orders.

Who does the delivery? At the moment we personally delivery all our orders, but we do enlist some courier drivers (family members) in peak times depending on the number of orders we receive for a particular day.

Do you deliver outside of Brisbane , Queensland? Sorry, the fresh flowers do not last in the shipping process outside of 5 hrs… we can Post Artificial items interstate via Australia Post. Please send us an email. We do not ship Overseas.

If you still cannot find an answer here, then contact us.